Thursday, 3 March 2011

In which I'm traumatised by a car insurance salesperson

If you have just come out of a relationship, and you think maybe you're not miserable enough already, make some phone calls to service providers. It's a real treat. In the two weeks since my relationship ended, I've done a pretty good job of burying myself in deep, deep denial. Unfortunately, the break up meant I had to update my car insurance. It almost pushed me over the edge.

Me: I'd like to remove one of my named drivers please. Former Love of my Life.

Insurance lady: You'd like to terminate Former Love of your Life?

Me: Terminate? Um, I suppose so, yes.

Insurance lady: Ok, so we are going to terminate your named driver, Former Love of your Life?

Me: Yes please. That's the one.


Insurance lady: So I see you have three named drivers: Your Father, Your Mother and Former Love of your Life. Which one are we terminating?

Me: Former Love of my Life! Please.

Insurance lady: Ok, so we are terminating Former Love of your Life?

After ten minutes of this, I felt like terminating myself. Removing him from my car insurance (ergo, my life) needs to be like ripping off a plaster - painful but brief. That conversation was more like gouging out my heart with a blunt spoon. And it cost me £17.50.

Now to arrange the "termination" of the contract on our flat...

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